Manuela Zine – Inspirational Flower and Plant Photography

“Beauty is everywhere around us. We just have to open our eyes. Nature is my inexhaustible source of inspiration. I am fascinated by the wide variety of colours and shapes in nature. I like to use my macro lens to observe and capture exciting details of flowers and plants and invite you to explore a fascinating world full of magic and wonders.”


Bring nature into your home and offices with my enchanting wall art!

When I take pictures it’s like I’m going on a journey. I discover the wonderful diversity of nature. The wide variety of forms and colors inspires me and the world of plants gives me fascinating insights.

I enjoy the magnificent splendor of a blossoming spring tree, am immersed into the splashing of a refreshing fountain in the middle of a summer garden paradise, listen to the rustling of golden leaves in the autumn wind and let myself be enchanted by the sparkle and glitter of a winter forest in the morning light.